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CyberSec101: Safety and Security on the Web

What is the latest Cybersecurity news?

April 2023: What is SAVE’s 5 pronged strategy?

SAVE is designed to enhance an organization’s cybersecurity posture by providing real-time vulnerability assessments that are both accurate and actionable. With its AI capabilities, SAVE is able to analyze vast amounts of data and identify potential cyber threats, allowing organizations to quickly respond to and mitigate these risks. SAVE’s ability to prioritize vulnerabilities based on their potential impact to an organization also makes it an efficient solution, as it helps organizations focus their resources on the most pressing security concerns. Overall, SAVE is a valuable tool for enterprises looking to enhance their cybersecurity and better protect their sensitive information in the digital age.

What is SAVE’s technology?

April 2023 2023: SAVE Technology

Secured AI-based Vulnerability Assessment Tool For Enterprises(SAVE) – An Innovative Solution for Cyber Threat Management


In today’s digital age, cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, putting the security of enterprise data and information at risk. With cyber criminals constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, organizations must stay ahead of the game by adopting new and innovative solutions to protect their digital assets. This is where the Secure AI-based Vulnerability Assessment Tool (SAVE) comes into play.

What is SAVE?

SAVE is a cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time vulnerability assessments for enterprises. By leveraging AI, SAVE is able to identify and prioritize potential cyber threats and provide actionable insights to help organizations better protect their sensitive data and information. This tool provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing and mitigating cyber threats, making it an important tool for enterprises to consider as they work to secure their digital assets.

Improved Cyber Threat Detection and Response: By using AI to identify potential cyber threats in real-time, SAVE helps organizations to respond more quickly and effectively to cyber threats.

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